Wisdom Tip #3

Wisdom Tip #3 – Work on your reality

Water glassHello friend, what do you see? Is the glass half full or half empty?

You might have heard this question before.

But what influences the way people see things?


Your mentality will be largely influenced by what you see and hear continuously over time. You’ll have a wrong perception when you see and focus on the wrong. You’ll have the right, when you see and focus on the right things, which will influence your thoughts, mentality and mindset.

In the end, your mindset will influence your action, inaction and outlook to life.

How you see life or how you perceive things ultimately shapes your reality, your circumstances and your life.

Then if what you see continuously affects your life, it’s important you control what you see the best way you can.

Yes, you might not have control over what’s aired on TV, but you can control what you watch. Same way you can consciously and intentionally guard your heart from the wrong things, by filling your mind with the right info, and refreshing it as often as possible.

The bible, which is God’s book of wisdom teaches us to guard out heart with all diligence, it also admonishes us to keep our mind renewed by the word of God.

The effect will be, you’ll be able to discern and appreciate God’s will for you and you’ll definitely have a sense of godly direction in whatever decisions you’d have to make.

So, there’s a lot to see, you stand the danger of a wrong mentality (that’d affect your life) when you allow the wrong sit inside you.

Choose rightly today, be intentional about your life. Feed on God’s word, stay renewed by it, so no matter what wrongs are obvious in this world, you heart remains steadfast on the reality of God’s word and that remains your own reality too.

A life anchored on God’s word, is a life sure to blossom.

Make a choice today.


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