All I wanted, all I want..

Was to hear from You, is to hear from You.

Nothing meant more to me,

Nothing means so much to me…

But here I was, choked by the cares of my deceitful heart..

Jealousy ravaged my soul,

Blinded by insecurity to the angels around me..

Lies and Deceit became my right hand men,

And Pride came, finding a place in my soul’s depths

Till the day I came to ends of the rope,

And my soul became thirsty..

My heart desired more than it had gotten,

And my conscience suddenly came alive asking me,

“what are you doing?”

As I thought, I knew,

It could never be too late; I could never be too old to get it right,

So I bowed my head,

And made the greatest decision of my life..

I asked Yahweh to come into my heart and find a home there…

I asked You to still my raging storms,

And I asked You, to cleanse me,

Purge me and fill me

With all You are about…


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Written By: Oyinkan Ige

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Oyinkansola Ige

Oyinkansola Ige is a lover of literature, music, and everything artistic. She has a flair for writing, reading, project management and singing. She loves to read, crochet and write in her spare time.

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